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Case Study 2 – How We Helped Our Client Achieve 2000% More Website Hits

Our client is a developer of a Visa Finder tool that helps international students find the right Visa. They were looking for strategies and techniques to increase their reach, so that more students would know of the tool and use it. The aim of their campaign was to drive visitors to the tool’s dedicated webpage over a period of three weeks.


Not An Agency designed a marketing campaign strategy that included the following attributes
  • Keyword research, so that the site could be optimised for the right keywords

  • Content creation, including a SlideShare package, an animated video, and other animated banner ads that served as advertisements

  • Social platform set up – Youtube, LinkedIn, SlideShare

  • Google Analytics and Adwords campaigns for targeted keywords

  • Campaign management and reporting

Content is King


Website traffic went up by 1051% in the Week 1, 2011% in Week 2, and 592% in Week 3.
Revenue of $4.66 per new visitor.